Vending Machine Necessaries

We’ve come along way from the now outlawed used panty vending machines in Japan.

Automatic Apparel, a new company that grew out of a Harvard Business School project, places vending machines that dispense t-shirts, sunglasses, socks and underwear for under $15 in high traffic areas in Boston.

“I wanted to design something that addressed the problem of having to wait in line or having too much selection or paying too much for something,” said founder Gina Moro.  However, much bigger problems, it would seem, are things like leaving your panties at a one night stand’s house or needing to pick up a pair of socks on the way to the bowling alley.

In order to keep prices down, Garb-on-the-go doesn’t sell designer brands, but to keep clients returning over and over and returns down (yes, there is a return policy), they had to find cheap but well made items.  We have yet to stumble upon a Garb-on-the-go machine, but will let you know just how well made the items are when we do.

The sleek design that features a touch screen and attention-drawing internal contraptions really is a fine idea, but with American Apparel’s on more and more busy street corners selling $14 underwear and other necessities, we wonder how popular this could really be?  We’ll see, Moro has plans on expanding to Logan International Airport, and has her eyes set on New York as well.


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