Underneath Your Clothes: MooseJaw X-Ray App

Moosejaw, an online retailer specializing in outdoor and active wear has reminded us just how fun and relevant iPhones can be.  In their winter catalogue, Moosejaw features a slew of attractive models that are wearing much more than puffy jackets and snow boots.

Using a free iPhone and iPad app called MoosejawXRAY, readers can literally undress some of the models in the catalogue by scanning the models with their phones to see what lies beneath.  Moosejaw, known for it’s unconventional marketing tactics, doesn’t just stop with underwear.  One of the models has an octopus taped to his torso, another has bloody bullet holes in his crew neck tee.

We really do have to give props for an out of the box marketing campaign.  The app’s been downloaded over 75,000 times in the five weeks since it’s release, and has gained significant traction in the Twitterverse.  Gary Wohlfill, Creative Director at Moosejaw, says the app is something “that everyone who shops with us will want to tell friends about.”

What we’d love to see next: an app that can undress any person down to their skivvies.  Does that make us pervy?  Nah, we just like underwear.


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