Energy Crisis Averted, Thermal Underwear Saves Day

In preparing for what could be the coldest S. Korean winter on record due to a lack of energy resources, President Lee Myung-Bak has proposed a rather ingenious solution to their dilemma.  Lower the thermostat, and slip into some thermals.  That’s what he’s done in his office, and has asked South Koreans to do the same.  Initially, he found them uncomfortable, but warmed up to the underwear saying “after a while, I got used to it, and now I am very warm and comfortable.”

Go big or go home we say, Myung-Bak!  Keep yourself warm with Ginch Gonch’s line of long-johns.  They have a few different designs, but our favorite is the Dumper Dude and not just because it promises to help us “dump [our] load in the right place.”  Designed with superior comfort in mind, these johnnies feature a pillow tag and 4-way stretch cotton that form fit all the way around; they’re now on sale for $15.


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