Canadian Underwear Brings Sexy Back to Baby Making

It’s long been known that tight, hot underwear decreases fertility in men.  That said, we may have just found the perfect pair of underwear for hopeful fathers looking to increase their sperm count.  Canadian fertility expert Dr. Spence Pentland and momprenuer Chantal Pentland have designed a line of underwear, STUD, in hopes of decreasing the 40% of infertility that is blamed on “men’s issues.”

With STUD, however, parents to be can wage war on two fronts: infertility, and bedroom boredom.  The mesh, bamboo and organic cotton Canadian underwear line is “anatomically engineered to keep things cool by improving air circulation,” but also designed “to spice things up in the bedroom,” according to a press release.

STUD is sold through various Canadian retailers.


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