Björn Borg to Launch in China, Forge New Company

Björn Borg, the Swedish underwear and clothing retailer, will launch in China the second half 0f 2012 with an aim of positioning the brand among the growing number of fashion-conscious young people in the country.  The new business will team with an experience retail partner in China, forming a new company with Björn Borg as the principal owner, with 75% ownership.  The plan is to establish sales in Shanghai with Björn Borg stores and pop-up shops in large department stores.  An e-commerce component is planned as well.  Consumers will be able to buy the brands underwear, sportswear, footwear and bags.

“Our expansion into China is another important step in paving the way for Björn Borg’s future growth.  We believe that Björn Borg will attract a growing middle class that wants strong, personal brands. With a knowledgeable and well-connected partner, we expect good opportunities to build sales in one of the world’s most important consumer markets,” says Arthur Engel, CEO of Björn Borg.

The expansion into China will be with an as of now unnamed partner with extensive industry experience in product development as well as production and distribution.

One of the Björn Borg owners, Penny York, has previously held senior positions in the Chinese garment manufacturing and brand company, Dragon Crowd, for which she built up the international underwear brand Schiesser in China, with over 500 points of sale.

“We look forward to establishing Björn Borg in China and believe that the brand fits the Chinese market well, especially considering the colorful and trendy design. With Björn Borg’s unique brand profile and a well-planned and long-term enterprise we see strong potential for the brand in the country,” says York, future CEO of Björn Borg’s Chinese operations.


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