Stay In With N2N’s Winter White Onezee

Is it possible for the male demographic to find a pajama that’s equal parts sexy and homey? Boys, retire the flannels, the pants with tears and the shirts with holes in them. The answer is yes and it comes in the form of N2N’s Onezee. We have found a pajama garment that drapes around your body like a second skin, and invites the vibes of that sweet tucked into bed feel while you’re up and about lounging around your home. Get your 95% rayon and 5% spandex nirvana with the Onezees today!

N2N Bodywear has designed all of their men’s underwear, swimwear, active wear, and loungewear for the most flattering fit. The brand wanted to embrace and celebrate the male physique with a flattering contour enhancing silhouette in a variety of selections with different prints and colors. The N2N helps you tap into your sensual side with some ranges featuring see-through materials. The N2N’s Onezee collection features different colors for the guys who want to have fun with their choices!

Suit up in this suggestively, dream-inspiring collection. The N2N’s Winter White Onezee ($45.00) conforms to your body for a sleek fit with an ultra soft touch. The allover sheer white material gives a cheeky see-through look to the loungewear for an alluring presentation. The Onezee praises your body with a sleeveless look and a mid-thigh cut to show off your entire body and highlight every single curve. The lone line of teal green 8-buttons gives you the choice of feeling comfortable and buttoned up, or as daringly suggestive as you prefer. Worn under clothes for additional warmth, or by themselves to bring heat to any room you’re in, this exclusive Winter White Onezee is sure to invite confidence and attention your way.

Other great options are the Lodge Onezee ($60.00) 8-button in colors black, heather and red and the Lounge Onezee ($60.00) in colors iced blue, iced mocha, and iced silver.

Take advantage of the N2N New Year’s sales that discounts 60% off 2015 items including free shipping!

Which is your favorite N2N Onezee to wear around your house? What was your favorite color? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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