How To Spend A Winter In The Wood(s)

Winter In The Woods

One sure-fire way to make the most of your holidays is to spend a winter in the woods. And whether you’re in a tent or a cabin, or at that reclusive friend’s house, keeping warm is key. In terms of underwear, this all comes down to coverage and materials.

Underwear brand Wood designs their Biker Briefs like extended boxer briefs. The extra material adds some insulation to whatever kind of pants you wear. But only a comfortable amount. Their designed with a soft Lenzing Modal that naturally moisture wicking and durable. You could take them on a hike and they’d keep up with you.

Since winter is also cuddle weather, you might also consider Wood’s Long Lounge Pants. They fit loose and cozy and come in options with or without a draw string. (We prefer the draw string.) These are made with Lenzing Tencel. Tencel has the same properties as modal but also has the benefit of having thermocontrol properties. This way they fit comfortably loose while still keeping you warm.

Wood also includes Long Sleeve Crew Necks in their loungewear. These are mainly made with Tencel and cotton, making them Wood’s warmest looks yet. They have a relaxed fit that makes them perfect compliments to Wood’s lounge pants. The only thing missing is a campfire.

Biker Briefs
Price: $20 (solid), $28 (print)
Color Options: Black, White, Crimson Red, Hermosa Blue, Forest Green, Heather Grey, Navy, Royal Purple, Wood Orange, Yellow, Aqua Striate, Midnight Striate, Orange Striate, Purple Striate, Forest Camo, Liquid Camo, Digital Camo
Size: S-XL
Material: Lenzing Modal

Winter In The Woods

Long Lounge Pants
Price: $45, $65 (with Draw String)
Color Options: Black, Heather Grey, Navy,
Color Options w/ Draw String: Forest Camo, Midnight Striate, Purple Striate, Black
Size: S-XXL
Material: Lenzing Tencel (thermocontrol)

Winter In The Woods

Long Sleeve Crew Necks
Price: $55, $65 (Forest Camo)
Color Options: Forest Camo, Black, Heather Grey, Navy
Size: S-2XL
Material: 48% Modal, 48% Cotton, 4% Elastane

Winter In The Woods


Do your holiday plans include a winter in the woods? Which of Wood’s warmer looks would you choose to keep you warm? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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