Seek Comfort And Warmth With N2N Vintage And Luxe Collections

n2n vintage

For those of us seeking some warmth, N2N is ready to embrace us. For those of us seeking comfort, N2N has that covered as well. For those of us seeking both comfort and warmth — well. Need we say more? Both the N2N Vintage and Luxe Collections deliver optimal warmth and comfort, as well as exquisite style, expert function and perfect fits!

For the underwear lover who is experiencing a cool fall season, we highly recommend the N2N Vintage Collection. The N2N Vintage Collection consists of: Jockstraps, G-Strings, Bikinis and Slingshots, and although each of those are supremely comfortable, it’s the Vintage Boxer, Trunk and Brief that are specifically designed to keep you nice and warm. The N2N Vintage Collection is crafted from an extremely soft, pigment dyed fabric blend. The fabric consists of a blend of 90% rayon and 10% spandex that is built to keep warmth in from the waist below. The “worn in” design is one of the most stylish aesthetics we’ve seen in a while. Also, the Boxer, Trunk and Brief each offer full coverage and an ample pouch. A final unique feature to this collection is that N2N decided on doing away with outward branding, so the focus stays on keeping you warm this fall!

N2N Vintage

For those of us who are looking for extra comfort this fall season, N2N is also featuring the Luxe 2.0 Collection. This collection consists of: Trunks, Briefs, Jockstraps and Bikinis. The N2N Luxe Collection is designed from the softest, most sensuous and supple fabric you’ve ever experienced. The Luxe Brief features the perfect cut for those looking for a style between a bikini and a trunk. For those who are looking for a sexy jockstrap, but want to remain comfortable as well, the Luxe Jock is the way to go! The smart and sleek waistbands and the super comfortable fits make the Luxe 2.0 one exceptionally cozy collection.

N2N Vintage

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How do you plan on staying warm and comfortable this fall season? Which N2N Collection do you prefer, N2N Vintage or N2N Luxe? Lets us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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