Radical Element is Reborn as Radical Energy

LA based swimwear designer Radical Element is best known for great swimwear and for stirring up a little trouble. Lucky for us, they have just reinvented themselves as Radical Energy. The brand continues to  cater to the bad boy inside all of us, but now with an even sleeker look and style. With their new name and new look, Radical Energy draws inspiration from the rebellious lifestyle while incorporating a fashionable aesthetic. The debut of their new name comes just in time for the New Year. Radical Energy promises to be one of the most revolutionary brands of 2016.

The sleek new vibe of Radical Energy has us super excited to see what the edgy designer has in store in the near future! Watch the video below for a sneak peek at what the newly renamed brand has up their sleeves (and under their pants.) The video features some of the most seductive Radical Energy models as they give us a preview for next year’s collection.

Are you excited about the sleek new Radical Energy collection? What did you love about Radical Element that made it one of your favorite brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Radical Energy

Photo Credit: Radical Energy

Video Credit: Radical Energy

Model Credit: Greg Kelley, Alex Sanchez, Pepe San Martin, Scott Gardner, Jesse Pattison and Alina Kuzmina.

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