Pack The Papi Heritage Collection For Your Next Vacation

papi heritage collection

The Papi Heritage Collection is inspired by the colorful, sporty and lively lifestyle of the Latin culture. The collection features trunks, boxer briefs and tank tops in a variety of vibrant and vivid color options. The colors also represent the colors found in each Latin flag, full of different shades of blue, red and yellow. What better way to plan your next vacation than to bring your Papi Heritage Collection with you? So whether you’re going to South America or The Caribbean, make sure you pack your Papi Heritage Collection with you to show of that Papi pride!

The Papi Trunks, Boxer Briefs and Tank Tops are available in Yellow, Navy, Ethereal Blue or Intensity Red, and they all feature colorful stripes on the sides. Each pair is created with a mid-rise fit, which is positioned just below the natural waistline. Each pair also features a soft elastic waistband (featuring Latin countries’ flag details) for added comfort and a contour pouch for lift and support. This component of the collection is composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, making them exquisitely comfort.

The equally vibrant and lively Papi Heritage Tank harmonizes perfectly with the underwear, creating the opportunity for a stylish underwear ensemble, perfect for your Latin vacation destination. The Heritage Tank features a scoop neck style for an athletic aesthetic and fit. This colorful tank top provides ultimate 4-way comfort for ease of motion and retains its shape through wash and wear.

If you are traveling to Belize, we recommend sporting Intensity Red. The Intensity Red Tank Top is predominately red with a bright green lining along the neck line. The Boxer Briefs and Trunks are also predominately red with white trim details along the leg openings and a navy waistband. The red and blue are complimentary to Belize’s Flag as well as the hint of green.

papi heritage collection

The Argentinan flag is most closely represented by the Etheral Blue color scheme. The Etheral Blue tank top is mostly light blue in color and features a white neckline and a yellow stripe going down the side. The boxer briefs and trunks are also light blue in color and have yellow lines down the side and a navy blue waistband. The light blue color exemplifies the same blue found in the flag, as well as the hints of yellow and white.

papi heritage collection

If you’re off to Columbia, we recommend packing the Yellow ensemble. The Colombian flag is mostly yellow, with red and blue. The Yellow tank top, trunks and boxer briefs are each predominately yellow as well, with red and blue details along the neckline and down the sides. There’s no better way to show off your Colombian pride!

papi heritage collection

If you’re off to Puerto Rico, we suggest the going with Navy. The Puerto Rican flag is best represented by the Navy tank top, boxer briefs and trunks. The Puerto Rican flag consists of red, white and blue, all of which can be found in the Navy Papi Heritage Ensemble.

papi heritage collection

Are you ready to show off your Papi pride on your next vacation? Which color scheme do you like the best in the Papi Heritage Collection? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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