New PUMP! Sugar Rush, Serving Up Sweet Heat

The PUMP! Sugar Rush Collection is every bit as naughty as it is sweet. The new underwear works off a baby blue, pink, and white color palette that makes The Underwear Expert think of cotton candy — or really, any sort of sweet.

Available as a jockstrap and a jogger, both items in the PUMP! Sugar Rush Collection are designed with micro mesh pouches. This athletic engineering is found of many PUMP! collections, and double as a functional and a sexy feature. Both styles are also designed with a pink waistband. Combined with the seductive cuts of the underwear, PUMP! Sugar Rush is a playful addition to the 2015 Collection.

The Sugar Rush Jockstrap has two pink straps on the rear to give your backside a supportive and flattering boost. The Sugar Rush Jogger, like all of PUMP!’s joggers, is designed with pockets on either hip. The rear of the Sugar Rush Jogger is composed of white cotton.

Sugar Rush Jockstrap
Price: $22
Color Options: Only One
Material: 64% Nylon, 19% Cotton, 14% Spandex


Sugar Rush Jogger
Price: $32
Color Options: Only One
Material: 64% Nylon, 19% Cotton, 14% Spandex


Do you think the PUMP! Sugar Rush line looks better as a jockstrap or a jogger? Do you have a thing for underwear with a micromesh pouch? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: PUMP!

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