Why We Love The Latest Marco Marco Campaign

Marco Marco Campaign

We love a good Marco Marco campaign, and their latest has lived up to all expectations! Their photo shoots are always full of compelling imagery, desirable models, sultry lighting and of course superb underwear. There’s something special about each of their campaigns. They always incorporate just the right amount of alluring sex appeal, combined with high fashion undertones that create unique and beautiful imagery. Their latest campaign truly represents what the brand stands for: eccentricity, creativity and great style.

For the latest Marco Marco campaign, models Ricky Roman and Michael Ribezzo sport the Geo Print Jock, Royal Blue Jock and a few pairs of briefs from the NY Collection. Each pair features vibrant fluorescent and neon colors that are accentuated in each photo. Photographer Shaun Vadella photographs them in true Marco Marco fashion, using moody lighting, shadows and subdued tones of color. The campaign is shot in front of an unembellished background in an ambiguous setting that is both sensuous and sleek. Each vibrant pattern featured in the underwear’s design is highlighted perfectly due to the underexposed lighting. Each image also has a slight cyan filter to it, which adds to the gloomy and provocative tone of the campaign. The models embody the Marco Marco brand perfectly, with their tattoos, slicked hair and stoic demeanor. Every stylish pair of Marco Marco underwear shines brilliantly against their skin tones, while conforming to their athletic bodies.

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For more information on this brand: Marco Marco

Photo Credit: Photographer Shaun Vadella

Model Credit: Ricky Roman and Michael Ribezzo

Product Supplied by Marco Marco