Garçon Model Elite Sport Collection, Your New Gym Beaux

Garçon Model Elite Sport

Garçon Model can now be part of your gym gear! Garçon’s team explains, “We edited down to the essentials, then added a hint of athletic accents and modern colors that work in and out of the gym.” Gone is their original super flashy waistband and microfiber material. Instead, the new masculine underwear is made with a more athletic waistband and a Bamboo-based material. This provides the brand’s fashionable flare but with a more athletic look for everyday wear.

For those who have yet to experience Bamboo underwear, the fabric is insanely soft and naturally moisture-wicking – perfect for the gym or those long days at the office. Even better is that the lightweight fabric looks as smooth as it feels. This gives the new Garçon Model Elite Sport Collection a sleek finish comparable to their original collection. It’s just as polished but with more of a sporty edge.

Garçon Model also decided to show off their sportwear-with-a-twist in this playful campaign. The group of athletic boys are all enjoying their night in what looks like the perfect frat night: card, underwear and fun. And Jake Bass on the guitar.

Elite Sport Brief
Price: $28
Color Options: Blue, Grey
Material:  Bamboo

Garçon Model Elite Sport

Elite Sport Trunk
Price:  $32
Color Options: Navy, Red
Material: Bamboo

Garçon Model Elite Sport


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Photo Credit: Marco Ovando

Models: Daniel Stilla, Jake Bass, Greg Kelley, Kevin Danielczyk, Peter Ward

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