The Seductive and Sporty Freedom Reigns Photo Shoot

Freedom Reigns Photo Shoot

One of our favorite American underwear brands, Freedom Reigns, just released their latest underwear campaign featuring Ali Esfahani.  Photo shoots from Freedom Reigns commonly draw inspiration from sports, in order to draw out the brand’s trendy and athletic style. Ali by himself does a great job at embodying the masculine aesthetic and athletic design that Freedom Reigns is all about. He is in impeccable shape and each sporty piece looks exceptional on his sculpted body.

Ali first sports the Americana Trunk, Pump Sport Hoodie and Varsity Sport Brief in this Freedom Reigns photo shoot. Photographer J. Robert photographs him in front of an unembellished background with spot lighting. The simple background draws emphasis on the stylish design of the underwear, and the spot light highlights the bold blue, red and yellow colors of each pair. The setting also employs a subdued blue lighting which creates an overall seductive atmosphere to these sporty and sexy photographs.

Next, Ali is seen wearing pink and grey in a much more radiant and lustrous environment. The Freedom Reigns Bio Fit Tank and iCandy Brief fit Ali like a glove, conforming to his body perfectly. With natural light gleaming from behind him in bright and fresh surroundings, these photos prove just how versatile the Freedom Reigns collection can be. From sexy and seductive to sporty and refreshing, this Freedom Reigns photo shoot captures each characteristic of this multifaceted underwear brand perfectly.

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For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Photographer J. Robert

Model Credit: Ali Esfahani

Product Supplied by Freedom Reigns