Editor’s Pick: Mosmann

Editor’s Pick: Mosmann Trunk Casper – LU3040

Why We Love It: At its most basic level, the Mosmann Trunk Casper – LU3040 is a plaid pair of underwear, but you won’t find plaid like this anywhere else in the men’s underwear market. We aren’t sure why Mosmann settled on the name “Casper,” but our best guess would be that it has something to do with their unique take on plaid. The Trunk Casper looks more like the friendly ghost of plaid.

This version of plaid is minimal and powerful. Rather than using lines every which way, Mosmann zooms in tight on the print, leaving diamond-shaped areas between the pattern. The palette of navy, red, and white is also used handsomely. The base is navy and glows red where the plaid lines intersect. And at the intersection, white accents fade in and out – not unlike a ghost. It’s a pair of underwear we are living for.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: Mosmann makes some incredibly comfortable underwear, sure. But in The Underwear Expert’s eyes, the Australian brand’s biggest selling point is their affinity for unconventional prints and patterns. Mosmann’s underwear largely manages to keep a casual aesthetic with a clear fashion sense. It’s sharp and surprising without the shock value so many other brands rely on.

What sets the Casper Trunk apart from the others, for us, is that it’s just dark enough to pass as a slightly dressy pair. Compared to others, the plaid is also one of Mosmann’s most masculine prints. And while we certainly like the brighter and cuter designs Mosmann has come up with, we see this one as something every man could enjoy.

How We’d Wear It: We can see our Editor’s Pick: Mosmann looking right at home under some tan pants, and paired with a button down that uses similar colors. The shirt could even be a flannel. We could also see the Casper Trunk as the perfect pair for a holiday party. Mosmann’s take on plaid is just formal enough for a work party, but not so formal that it couldn’t be worn with a casual affair in mind. It’s a business casual pair of underwear, simply through its smart design.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Blake Postma

Products Supplied by Mosmann