A Clever Video Starring The Clever Zolo Brief

Clever Zolo Brief

The Clever Zolo Brief is a brief that stands in a league of its own. It combines super stretchy cotton that feels soft and resilient against your skin and as well as breathable mesh inserts that create a fit that’s exceptionally comfortable and airy. The Clever Zolo Brief also conforms to your body for a perfect, body-defining fit. It’s a brief perfect for any athletic activity or sport, as well as the perfect brief for getting you through your day-to-day activities.

The Clever Zolo Brief is so superb that Clever decided to make it their main feature in their latest Clever brief video. The Clever video takes place in an elusive environment — extremely industrial to say the least. Model Felipe is found sporting the Zolo Brief, dog tags and a welding mask. There’s something about the three items that, when put together, make Felipe look irresistible. Surrounded by smoke and grit, it’s safe to say he has had a long and arduous day. Despite his rigorous demeanor and laborious activities, the Zolo Brief keeps Felipe looking fresh and feeling supremely comfortable!

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Feature Image Credit: Walter Aguirre

Model Credit: Felipe Jimenez

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