Baskit Body Art Styles For Tattoo Lovers

Baskit Body Art Styles

The underwear choices you make are a direct reflection of your personality, just like your choice of clothing. Baskit has various different styles that could fit different personalities, and the Baskit Body Art Styles are unique, colorful, defining and perfect for any artist.

The Body Art Collection features a tattoo print on a gray background. The tattoos match the tattoos of an exiled, most likely ex-Yakuza member, tattooed from head to toe and living out his days in London. This man is an MMA fighter turned fitness guru who used his own personal tragedies and turned them into triumphs. He used his body as a canvas and the painting is still not complete. Each style is made from a cotton elastane blend, so each style is comfortable and stretchy. This collection features a brief, a square cut trunk, a trunk and a boxer brief.

Any guy who can appreciate a great looking tattoo would love this collection, especially the story behind it. Artists and tattoo enthusiasts would be drawn to this collection. Their appreciation of use of color and bold designs would be satisfied with each cut. These men value unique qualities and standing out from the crowd, which will happen with these styles. The intricate detailing in the tattoos used for the prints are unique and eye catching, this would be the perfect thing to show someone you’re interested in to encourage them to get a closer look. The gray background also has its own linear detailing to add to the overall look of each style.

What do you think of the Baskit Body Art Styles? Which cut do you think will flatter your figure the most? Do you like the story behind the tattoo inspired print? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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