Update Your Look With The Tani Luxeline Update

Tani Luxeline Update

Tani is known for providing top-quality styles that are so soft that they’ll make a grown man cry from pure joy. Spice up your underwear looks for the new season! The Tani Luxeline Update will bring new colors into your ultra soft underwear repertoire.

The Luxeline Contour Trunk ($75) contours to every nook and cranny of your body but is so soft you will feel like you’re wearing a second skin. The premium Superfine™ fabric is so soft and elastic, so it bends with your body in any which way you might go. This fabric was exclusively produced for Tani by the foremost fine fabric mill in the world, and this style is also limited edition, so stock up while you still can! This update offers two new colors: grey and blue stripes. The blue stripes are horizontal and alternating between blue and bluish grey. Both colors feature a blue logo waistband. The leg opening cuts off around the upper mid-thigh.

The Luxeline Simple Trunk ($75) has all of the same features as the Contour trunk just with a less defined contoured pouch but still provides all of the support you’ll need. This style also features a hidden waistband that blends right in with the color of the garment. This update offers the same two colors as the Contour trunk. The fabric also retains the sheen and luster after washing. This style is also limited edition, so stock up before it’s too late!

The Tani LuxeLine Update is available in sizes S – XL.

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