NY Times Style Section Mention

Men’s underwear has been an up and coming category for the last twenty years and The Underwear Expert has been at the forefront of this niche. Recognizing our expertise, our CEO Michael Kleinmann, who has fifteen years experience in the subject, was interviewed by The New York Times for an article published in the Style Section on November 24, 2015  online and in their print edition on November 26, 2015. In recent years, men’s underwear has become a fashion accessory and an expression of personal style.

…“Underwear is where jeans were 20 years ago,” Mr. Hilfiger said. “It’s the new denim.”

Proof of that assertion can be found on The Underwear Expert, a startlingly comprehensive website dedicated to researching, testing, reviewing and even curating for sale underpants culled from the nearly 600 labels now crowding the field.

“The options out there are what make men’s underwear a really interesting category,” said Michael Kleinmann, the site’s founder. “It’s not just three packs from Walmart or something out of the back of a catalog anymore.”

A Pair of Boxers for $400? Men’s Underwear Goes High-End by Guy Trebay for The New York Times

“I agree with Mr. Hilfiger that underwear is the new denim and we are thrilled to see our hard work and dedication to the topic recognized by The New York Times” said Michael Kleinmann, CEO and Founder, The Underwear Expert. “Underwear makes you look good, feel good, and some would say is also a confidence booster, and it’s time that men have more choice for comfort, utility, and expression of personal style.”


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