Neon Yellow And Green Underwear, They’re Electric!

neon yellow

Most men have their go-to colors (or lack thereof) when it comes to their underwear preferences. Normally, it’s your blacks and blues, some dark greens and various shades of grey. This is fine, but sometimes you need to break the mold. Sometimes you need to have a little more fun with your underwear. And one easy way is to add some neon yellow and neon green underwear!

We at The Underwear Expert are firm believers that a man’s underwear helps dictate the kind of day he’ll have – just as much as the rest of his wardrobe. Stick to those awful white briefs, and it’s the bland leading the bland. Mix it up with neon and the spark will carry over. It’s the same confidence boost you get from your lucky tie or your favorite shirt – or hello, your lucky pairs of underwear.

Model Devon Walker steps into 5 pairs of neon undies for our exclusive photoshoot below. The neon yellow and neon green look bold and stunning against his skin. They also give him a more energetic, borderline cheery quality. But not too cheery. Devon’s got the sexy model smolder down to a science.

Our featured pairs of neon yellow underwear come from 2(X)IST, Garçon Model and Cocksox. Each is designed with contrasting elements to keep that wild neon yellow in-check, yet still at the forefront. The Garçon Model Espanola Boxer does this with pink accents that make it the most upbeat and cutely colored pair in the shoot. Second to that would be 2(X)IST’s limited edition Electric Trunk from this past summer. The Lime Punch colorway is toned down by the sunset printed logo on the waistband.

The Cocksox CXA03N Waistband Brief in Fluoro Yellow goes the sporty route with its accents. The brief is the only one featured in our shoot, and it’s accented with a thick black waistband. Making it even more athletic, the square CX Active logo is placed in the center. Rather than Cocksox’s typical waistband look, this gives the Waistband Brief a more masculine and gym-ready appearance.

Junk Underjeans and Male Power are both featured with pairs of neon green underwear and are also accented by a black waistband for less color and more athleticism. The Junk Underjeans Aura Trunk in green pushes this further with bold repeating letters around the black elastic. Male Power has a more subtle waistband, and the brand name is in a dual tone black.

Which of the neon yellow and neon green pairs comes closest to your personal style? Do you tend to wear neon colors strictly at the gym? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Cocksox, Garçon Model, Junk Underjeans, Male Power

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Devon Walker

Products Supplied by 2(X)IST, Cocksox, Garçon Model, Junk Underjeans, Male Power