Naked, Welcome To The Underwear Club

Naked Underwear Club

Naked is the newest addition to our Underwear of the Month Club. Naked has a simple aesthetic with a handsome less-is-more approach. Their designs are refined and focus more on their wildly comfortable fabrics instead of revealing designs or flashy colors. Naked wants you to feel as though you’re, well, naked! And with that comes feeling comfortable in your own skin.


We chose Naked for our Underwear Club because simplicity is the ultimate form of luxury. Our idea of luxury isn’t something you save for special occasions. It’s something you can wear everyday, something that’s built for quality and designed with style. That’s what a favorite pair of underwear is all about. Naked also designs an assortment of underwear styles, so every man can have his piece of casual luxury. Our buying team has picked out the brand’s best for our site, giving you easy access to Naked and several other brands.

With our Underwear of the Month Club, the best underwear brands are now all in one place. Sign up and say goodbye to laundry day pairs and hello to boundless confidence.


For more information on this brand: Naked

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Matt O’Brien