Mack Weldon’s Customer Emails

Mack Weldon's Customer Emails

Mack Weldon is known for its ultra soft fabric and beautifully cut underwear designs that are both elegant and trendy. They’ve decided to get a little playful, Mack Weldon’s Customer Emails is a funny short series dedicated to customer comments as told by CEO Matt Leary.

This fun little series is reminiscent of ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,’ a series of videos on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where celebrities read mean tweets fans have written about them. This has taken that idea a little further. Matt not only reads the nice comments made about Mack Weldon but also some not so good ones all with a great sense of humor. This shows that you can’t please everyone, but you can have a positive, funny attitude about other people’s complaints. Mack Weldon’s customer emails videos also prove that people say some weird things when giving feedback, whether it’s negative or positive. Somebody wrote that Mack Weldon underwear was horsey, which Matt took as a compliment with heavy sarcasm and one person asked why the color names were so manly and Matt joked about how manly the names used to be. Either way, we all now know that Mack Weldon truly cares about their customers and what they have to say about their product, watch these videos and have a laugh.

Watch Mack Weldon’s Customer Emails videos below:

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