A Getaway With Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter 2015

Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter 2015

Judging by this photoshoot of the Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, “fall” means something very different Down Under than it does in the States. The photoshoot shows model Matt Scott on a beach in Australia. Yes, a beach, far from rainy days, windy nights and pumpkin spice basic-ness. It makes this Freedom Reigns shoot not just a getaway from the chilly weather but also from cold weather clothes. Bring on the tanks, briefs and beach bodies!

If there is one thing you can count on from Freedom Reigns, it’s for them to offer a classic athletic style with a twist. And more often than not, that “twist” comes in the form of bold accent colors. The brand’s trademark sky blue is back in the Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. It’s used on the latest versions of the iCandy Brief and Jock, the new Hero Sport Tank and other Fall/Winter looks. Other colors in the collection include charcoal, yellow and white – perfect compliments to the light shade of blue.

Part of what keeps the brand’s athleticism front and center is the wide waistband used on the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection’s underwear. Several pairs feature the Freedom Reigns logo in black accented by white and sky blue. The bold lettering keeps with the sporty appeal, and the colors show fashion matters just as much as function for the brand. After all, one of the trademarks for athletic style is bold pops of color.

The rest of the underwear in the Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter 2015 Collection stick to this colorblocked design. The pouches are almost always colorblocked from the rest of the body to stand out, which adds a fair amount of sex appeal to the design. Whether it’s the entire pouch or just the contouring seam, Freedom Reigns is all about subtle forms of sexiness.

The new Hero Sport Tanks in the Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter 2015 Collection use the yellow and sky blue colors in trendier way. The body of the tank is white and accented with yellow and sky blue along the neck and arm seams. But what really makes the tank trendy is that the contrasts are used asymmetrically. The sky blue outlines the neck and left arm, while yellow outlines the white.

Asymmetrical designs are becoming more and more prominent in men’s fashion. Whether the overall aesthetic is athletic or not, an asymmetrical look communicates a fashion-forward way of thinking.

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Photo Credit: Andrew, @aus_male models

Model: Matt Scott