Complete The Look: CheapUndies

Complete The Look: CheapUndies

The first thing The Underwear Expert thinks of when thinking “CheapUndies” is, of course, saving money. But the second thing is a laid back, casual style. The brand’s own underwear is about as classic as underwear can come. It’s almost always designed with a solid color and, with a few exceptions, is always full-coverage and prepped for any given day. With that in mind, we set out to build an everyday look any guy could pull off. We start off with the Black Basic Long Trunk ($8) for this week’s Complete The Look: CheapUndies. Check out the rest below.



The CheapUndies Black Basic Long Trunk (1) is a long length boxer brief with a black body and contrasting white waistband. Pretty simple, pretty perfect. It’s a versatile pair of underwear you could wear under just about anything, especially during the colder months. And better yet, it’s a pair of underwear every guy can get on board with.

The same goes for our next item: a pair of Bonobos ‘The Blue Jean’ Slim Fit Jeans – Dark Wash (2). A dark pair of blue jeans is something most men have in their wardrobe and get plenty of use out of. And with the choice of shirt we have coming up, this pair is right on the money. It’s classic, and has whiskering at the hips for a little detail. That’s why we’ve picked this pair for this Complete The Look: CheapUndies.

For our shirt we choose – surprise! – the CheapUndies Charcoal & Black Raglan Shirt (3). Yes, CheapUndies also designs their own apparel, and it has the same aesthetic as their underwear. The Charcoal & Black Raglan Shirt has charcoal sleeves and a black body, and compliments our choice of denim. A lighter wash would also work.

We choose the Steve Madden Steve Madden ‘Pipeur’ Sneaker – Black Leather (4) for our shoes. The leather gives out look a more fashionable finish, and the black brings out the dark tones in our shirt.

And finally for two accessories, we choose the Caputo & Co Braided Leather Bracelet – Black (5) and the Ray-Ban Clubmaster – Modern Temple’ – Grey Sunglasses (6). The braided design of the bracelet keeps it more casual than other leather bracelets, and again compliments our shirt. Plus, you can never have too much black. And then for our sunglass, we go with a cool tone of grey. The pop will stand out against the rest of the look but keep with the overall dark-colored approach to casual style, great for this Complete The Look: CheapUndies.


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Photo Credit: CheapUndies, Nordstroms

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