Celebrate Coming Out With The Andrew Christian Our Time Video

Andrew Christian Our Time

For some of us who are apart of the LGBT community, coming out wasn’t easy. The Andrew Christian Our Time video focuses on successful, well known individuals who have decided to share their story of struggle, love, freedom, and empowerment.

In the past, and present, LGBT individuals are criticized, judged, and attacked for being who they are. As a society we have come a long way in showing understanding, acceptance, and love for LGBT people but some people still struggle. This video, made in honor of National Coming Out Day, showcases what happens when you get passed that fear and decide to embrace who you are. Loving yourself will change the way you look at the world around you and they way you look at yourself; life will be more pleasant. Individuals such as Andrew Christian and Frankie Grande stated that they wouldn’t have the success they’ve achieved thus far if they weren’t true to themselves. There’s an underlining theme throughout these interviews: focus on yourself and do things that please you, don’t always focus on pleasing others. Being true to yourself will set you free and allow for others to love you for who you are, what could be more beautiful than that?

Andrew Christian was sporting the Holster Shirt in this video. It’s an all black button up that’s slim fit and super soft. It can be dressed up or down depending on what you see in your future!

Check out these celebrities coming out stories in the Andrew Christian Our Time video below:

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Interview Credit: Karamo Brown, Andrew Christian, Milan Christopher, David Cooley, Jonny Drubel, Frankie Grande, Will Jardell, Ronnie Kroell, Alex Newell, Marcellas Reynolds, Jai Rodriguez, Shawn Ryan, Rodiney Santiago, Darryl Stephens

Video Credit: Andrew Christian