BTS Modus Vivendi Blend Shoot

BTS Modus Vivendi Blend Shoot

Have you ever wondered what a Modus Vivendi Campaign photoshoot looks like on set? Well, curb your curiosity with this BTS Modus Vivendi Blend Shoot video! This video take us behind the scenes as the Blend Line Campaign is built.

This video captures the essence of the Blend Line immediately. With the techno tunes, bold use of color and sharp camera angles, this sets the tone for the smooth, yet edgy styles in the Blend Line. This photoshoot took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Photographer Panos Misailidis is seen taking photos of Kostas Milkas and John Kalomoiris who are on a motorcycle, laying across a table modeling in an office setting.

This collection combines a leather-looking fabric (Polyester Fillam Pelle) with bold, bright color blocking for an edgy, yet stylish, finish. Each style was designed with your comfort in mind, but it still maintains the seductive, sexy vibe leather styles inspire. Each style hugs your frame to show off some of your finer assets and in some cases provide a more flattering view.

Check out the BTS Modus Vivendi Blend Shoot video below:

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For more information on this brand: Modus Vivendi

Photo Credit: P2Photography

Model Credit: Kostas Milkas and John Kalomoiris

Sponsored by Modus Vivendi