Ryan White Out In “Central Park”

Jarrod Carter is an up-and-coming photographer from Australia whose recent photoshoot “Central Park” with Ryan White does some strange things to us. Frankly, we can’t tell if we’re feeling calm or excited. For one, the backdrop of Central Park is entirely serene, whether Ryan’s in front of still waters or in the heavy shade of trees. But then with the exception of one shot, Ryan’s down to nothing but his underwear, which (as you might guess) is the quickest way to grab The Underwear Expert’s attention.

Whether you’ve got a thing for redheaded men or not, you’ll have a thing for this photoshoot. After all, who doesn’t like a man in Calvin Klein briefs? Ryan models two briefs, one white has grey accents and the other is an always-appropriate solid black. Both featured Calvin Klein briefs are designed with a modern hip cut that’s somewhat narrow where it wraps around Ryan’s hips.

Where white briefs are concerned, The Underwear Expert is typically cautious. We seldom give them our approval, but Calvin Klein is often an exception. The brand has a reputation for appealing to any man, and for doing so with a masculine aesthetic that keeps the flash factor to a minimum, even when they throw a super cool, wide metallic waistband into the mix. It’s the kind of sex appeal that keeps the focus on the man wearing them. For example, just look at Marky Mark and Justin Bieber’s campaigns.

The main reasons the white CK One Micro Hip Brief works are its contemporary cut and grey accents that add to the overall shape of the underwear. The main pop of grey is placed on the seams and brings out the silhouette around the hips where it’s most flattering. More narrow seams are also placed on either side of the pouch for a touch of definition. The grey also compliments the lettering on the waistband – because “Calvin Klein” is always a brand name worth representing.

The solid black Calvin Klein brief has no labels in sight. Rather, this one impresses for being reserved and stylishly sleek. When a solid black brief is cut to a flattering shape and fits the way it should, you’ve already got The Underwear Expert’s idea of underwear perfection.

What do you think of Jarrod Carter’s “Central Park” shoot? Can you describe your favorite pair of Calvin Klein briefs? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Calvin Klein

Photo Credit: Jarrod Carter Photography

Model: Ryan White