Mr. Davis Kickstarter: High Quality For The Win!

Mr. Davis Kickstarter

Customers have asked Mr. Davis to come out with an underwear line after their successful undershirt Kickstarter. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to deliver a great underwear style that is high quality and feels great for everyday wear. The Mr. Davis Kickstarter shows how much time and effort they put into every style the company develops.

Mr. Davis spent eighteen months developing, testing out and redesigning underwear styles until they developed styles that company would accept. Mr. Davis was happy with the quality, cut and fabrics used. Mr. Davis redesigned the typical boxer brief by adding an anatomical pouch instead of leaving the front flat. The pouch is shaped like a half-tear drop that lifts and supports your boys instead of pushing your boys down like a flat front, which makes for a more comfortable and breathable fit. They also incorporated a perineal vent from the most air-permeable fabric strip in between the legs that would provide extra ventilation to keep you cooler and more comfortable.

Supporting the Mr. Davis Kickstarter comes with reward! Each level of backing will get you underwear styles (different amounts depending on how much money you spend) and also a credit to order something from their site! Seems like a win-win! If you’re still not convinced, the Kickstarter video will change your mind! Check out the Mr. Davis Kickstarter here:

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