Meet Garçon Model’s New Model Sjard

New Model Sjard

Garçon Model is known for their sexy models and even hotter underwear styles. Garçon Model styles offer a great range of high-quality and performance boxers, jockstraps, trunks and briefs. They design their styles with the man in mind, the man who seeks the perfect fit and standout style underwear. New models frequent their photoshoots and this one is no exception, check out these hot photos of Garçon Model’s new model Sjard.

Photographer Jonas Huckstorf captures Sjard’s manly essence in these four images. From his manicured beard all the way down to his chiseled V, Sjard gives off the tough skinned, masculine vibe that has become very popular in mainstream fashion. Sporting Garçon’s classic white trunk, Collins Trunk, under dark denim with the wide logo waistband on full view gives each photo a casual yet sexy vibe. The Collins Trunk is all white throughout the garment with a wide logo waistband that features grey lettering that pops right off its grey background.

Jonas uses both texture and contrast in each photo to draw the viewer’s attention into the model. All of the images featured are in a black and white scale. The different shades of grey contour around Sjard’s body and show off his muscles better, which I’m sure no one’s complaining about! In the first two photos, Sjard poses in front of a white concrete wall, bringing a very subtle outline into the mix. Since his skin tone is darker than the wall, he immediately pops right out of the photo and is in the forefront of our attention. The last two photos both feature a beat up brick wall in the background that further complements Sjard’s body and highlights the Garçon waistband. The third photo has a little bit more going on in the background than the other three; the unfocused objects behind Sjard brings the model more into the foreground of the photo. Most of the hues of grey are also darker, if not only slightly, than the waistband, turning it into our focal point.

Do you think Garçon’s new model Sjard wears the classic white Garçon trunks well? Where would you like to wear your classic Garçon trunks? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Jonas Huckstorf for Garçon Model

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