Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter Collection 2015

Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter

The new Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter Campaign features one of the most athletically driven underwear collections that we’ve come across in a while. Each item has an extremely sexy and sporty aesthetic. Featuring their new iCandy T-Shirts, Jockstraps and Briefs; as well as the Freedom Reigns Hero Tee and new Fall Trunks! The collection showcases pops of bright blues and yellows which are brilliantly highlighted by blocks of black and white. As with all Freedom Reigns collections, this new collection also incorporates just the right amount of mesh.

Shot in front of a simple, dark grey backdrop, the simplicity to this campaign has us intrigued. Photographer Brad Ford plays with light and shadows, giving just the right amount of seduction to this seemingly simple photo shoot. Without any distractions, we can really focus on the underwear. The bright pops of blues and yellows are also accentuated by the grey background. Models Samion Charlamov, Tyler Booth and Tj Allen each sport the Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter Collection flawlessly, their athletic bodies highlighted by the design of each piece. The models also employ a bicycle as a prop while showcasing the new Freedom Reigns Fall Trunks. Between the dark grey backdrop, moody shadows, athletic models and bright, sporty underwear, the Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter Campaign truly exudes a masculine and confident energy.

While we wait in great anticipation for the launch of the Freedom Reigns Fall/Winter Collection, check out some of their classic items on sale in our shop section below – that should hold you over.

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For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Photographer Brad Ford

Model Credit: Samion Charlamov, Tyler Booth & Tj Allen

Product Supplied by Freedom Reigns