Peace, Love And Underwear: Frank Dandy Non-Violence Movement

They say the clothes make the man, and if that statement holds true, then the Frank Dandy Non-Violence movement is sure to spread some peace, love and happiness throughout this world. This season Frank Dandy joins forces with the Non-Violence Movement in a joint effort to make the world a more colorful and peaceful place to live. For the Fall 2015 collection, Frank Dandy has created a range of products sure to raise some eyebrows and spirits! A portion of the proceeds go directly toward helping the project in their quest for a non-violent world, so slip on a pair of peace-inspired trunks and let the love train begin!

The Frank Dandy Non-Violence Collection features the Activist Boxer and the Activist Trunk in both black and navy color options. These graffiti-inspired graphic underwear display powerful affirmations such as “love,” “power” and “freedom” written loudly and proudly. The black version features white lettering whereas the navy option features vibrant pink.

The Dots Boxer and Trunk in green and light blue also feature a powerful message and graphic design. As the name suggests, there are bold and eye-catching dots displayed throughout the design. A few of the dots display a small knotted gun. Both color options are vibrant and attention-grabbing.

The Knotted Gun Boxer and Trunk comes in either black or turquoise. This takes the knotted gun message up a notch by featuring two large-scaled knotted guns on both thighs.

Lastly, the Small Icon Boxer and Trunk is available in black or blue and features smaller knotted guns printed throughout the entire piece of underwear.

Each piece in the Frank Dandy Non-Violence Movement embodies a message of peace and stresses a strong and powerful opinion on gun control. Made from 95% combed cotton and 5% elastane, this collection is not only pro-active, but it’s comfortable. Each piece also features a solid waistband, with a small “Frank Dandy” logo front and center.

What do you think about the Frank Dandy Non-Violence Movement? Which piece of underwear resonates with you the most? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Frank Dandy

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