Exclusive: Marco Marco F*KN SIRIUS Part 2

Marco Morante wasn’t kidding when he said Part 2 of Marco Marco F*KN SIRIUS: Collection Four would be a very different show than the one in New York. The second part of the show took place last night in California as part of LA Style Fashion Week. F*KN SIRIUS Part 1, part of NY Style Fashion Week, had more of an edge to it – sharper lines, a black/yellow contrast throughout, and an all-around attitude of being high-fashion. But where Part 1 had a little bite to it, Part 2 has more of a kiss – with tongue.

F*KN SIRIUS Part 2 saw a lot more bodywear looks tear up the runway compared to Part 1. This included the latest versions of Marco Marco’s immediately recognizable (and unforgettable) leggings, as well as some sexy harness designs. Some of them were strappy and narrow, others were wider and teased more by showing less.

Check out The Underwear Expert’s front-row footage from Part 2 of the Marco Marco F*KN SIRIUS Show below.

The biggest differences between Part 1 and Part 2 of Marco Marco’s F*KN SIRIUS Show are the colors. Part 1 was dominated by neon yellow, glittering black, and the occasional panel of black sheer – very New York. Part 2 though is very L.A., and featured warmer pops of neon contrast. The neon yellow shows up again next to electric blues and purples, making Part 2 more colorful and a little retro.

And for those “American Horror Story” fans, Liz Taylor wasn’t kidding when she said, “Skinny jeans are out, fringe is in, ponchos are forever.” Designer Marco Morante throws some fringe into his latest runway show more than once, adding to his list of fun fabrics and fierce design.

Designer Marco Morante also granted The Underwear Expert access backstage before debuting the second part of Collection Four. We ran into Jason Wimberly, Murray Swanby, and even YouTube celeb Brendan Jordan, who was also featured in the runway show.

For more information on this brand: Marco Marco

Video/Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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