Three Reasons You Should Head Into the Woods With Wood Underwear and T-Shirts

Wood underwear and t-shirts

Wood underwear and t-shirts are crafted and manufactured with the active man’s lifestyle in mind. Although suitable for everyday wear, and more than comfortable enough for a night on the couch, Wood underwear specifically holds up exceptionally well in the great outdoors. Whether you’re at the gym, running a couple miles, climbing a mountain, or just heading into the woods, one should always throw on a pair of Wood underwear in order to achieve their highest caliber of performance. To a lot of men, underwear remains an afterthought, but for the outdoorsy man, underwear should be a top priority.

Here are three reasons why you should head into the woods with Wood underwear and t-shirts:

First, the Wood Underwear Biker Brief has about a 6 inch leg and closed front, creating a total fit for your lower body. The Biker Brief is of course conducive to biking, making sure you’re fit and snug, and perfect for outdoor winter sports, such as snowboarding, creating an overall layer to keep you warm as you perform. The Biker Brief also features a gusset design, which is a piece of fabric near the crotch area, created to maximize mobility and help your legs stay in place.

Second, the Wood Underwear Hip Brief has a higher cut, with more leg, a closed front and undeniably great booty support. The Wood Hip Brief sits higher on the thigh than a normal brief and is made to support your assets with a body-hugging security. This is great for long distance runners who are worried about too much movement down below. The higher fit also promotes more leg movement, allowing you to be your most agile. The Wood Underwear Hip Brief is created with a comfortable, non-binding waistband, making it as least cumbersome as possible during any type of activity.

Lastly, the Wood Under Crew and V-neck T-Shirts are a perfect reason to head into the woods with Wood underwear and t-shirts. Each undershirt is created with a longer tail for an easy tuck-in. This eliminates any binding under your outerwear. The t-shirts are also super soft, created with a Lenzing Modal blend. The t-shirts feature some wicking properties which aid in your body temperature regulation – whether you are out skiing, or in hot yoga. It also doesn’t hurt that the Wood underwear t-shirts come in the same vibrant color selection as the boxers and briefs. Even though the collection is made with the active man in mind, they didn’t forget about the fashionable man at the same time.

Each colorful and thoughtfully designed item is created with the extremely comfortable Lenzing Tencel blend with wicking, microbial, and thermocontrol properties. From head to toe, you can head into the woods with an ensemble that performs well for even the longest day’s wear!

The Wood Underwear Collection is available in sizes: S – XXL.

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