Think Outside the Box(er), Tani Trunks

A lot men tend to wear boxers since they’re roomy and your boys are free. Let’s change it up: think outside the box(er)! Tani Trunks are formfitting and soft, and they will have you looking hot and classy.

The Freeform Cotton Trunk is cut high on your thigh to show off your muscular legs. Tani has developed a knit that won’t unravel or roll, so it eliminates the need for any bindings or hems. This knit also retains shape and is super soft, which will have you feeling like a king every time you pull on a pair. This style is available in black, grey and white with a dark or white waistband. The Freeform Simple Cotton Trunk is very similar to the Cotton Trunk; the simple cotton has a smaller hidden waistband that matches the color of the garment.

The LuxeLine Contour Trunk is cut from this special Superfine™ knit that is so fine, it’s invisible when you look at it. The trunk will also retain its sheen and luster after repeated washing. The contoured pouch will support your boys and keep them in place. The logo waistband is a metallic silver for an extra touch and complements the trunk. This trunk is available in purple and blue plaid and solid blue. The Luxeline Simple Trunk is similar to the contour trunk, since they’re cut from the same material. The Simple Trunk doesn’t have an as well-defined contoured pouch, and it’s waistband is smaller and hidden.

The Silkcut Contour Trunk luxuriously soft and lightweight. It’s made out of the Micro Modal® Air fabric which is thinner and softer than silk. This stretch material and naturally wicking fabric keeps you cooler and dryer than other pairs of underwear. This style is available in white, black and blue with a grey logo waistband. The Silkcut Simple Trunk and the Silkcut Stripe Trunk are cut the same way as the Contoured trunk just with a hidden waistband.

Which Tani style do you think will look best on you? Do you think you’ll look sexy in the Tani Trunks? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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