The Proof is in the Pengallan

The Proof

Pengallan is a brand that prides itself on it’s standards for authenticity and quality. Their blog The Proof showcases these standards in fashion, lifestyle, and culture.

The definition of “proof” in terms of alcohol started with the British Navy back in the 18th century when sailors would receive rations of rum and food as part of their pay. Some crooked officers would would sell some of the ship’s rum to line their own pockets and water down the remaining rum so as not to arouse suspicion. The sailors, caught on and started testing their rum by pouring some rum over gunpowder. There was a high enough alcohol content, if the gunpowder ignited it “proved” it was high enough and it authenticated the quality of the rum they were given. When it didn’t ignite it would be considered “under proved.” This process created our modern notion of alcohol proof. Pengallan decided this quest for authentication and quality matches their own in terms of fashion and style so they named their blog after the story behind “The Proof.”

Pengallan states that, “Our blog seeks to complete the gentleman from his exterior to his interior through fashion, history, and culture. We believe that the “gentleman” should be a source of knowledge, a man of intrigue, and, of course, supreme class.”

The Proof features blog posts dedicated to bringing stylish authentic items within reach of their fashion conscious gentlemen. Pengallan wants to up your ante from a intelligent gentleman to a sharp looking, fine intelligent gentleman. From unique lighters to styling outfits based on the idea behind the Declaration of Independence, this blog has got you covered. If you enjoy style and fashion inspired videos this blog is also for you!! Check out The Proof on the Pengallan website!

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