Team Wood: Manhattan Beach Saikley 6 Man Volleyball Tournament

Being outdoor people, Wood underwear has always shared a link to the beach; it embodies their brand. So it was no surprise to see them at this year’s Manhattan Beach Saikley 6 Man Volleyball tournament.

This year’s tournament was a blast! The California Surf Lifesaving Association (CSLSA) held their Regional Championships last month in Newport; thousands of lifeguards competed on the beach, and of course, some of them were in Wood underwear. They not only save our lives when we need them, these men and women are crazy good athletes… and they look good in Wood, which begs the question: Who needs a bathing suit when you can sport Wood underwear at the beach?

Team Wood generated crowds and fans: naturally, groups of girls wanted to take pictures with the men in briefs. More than one team admitted their intimidation at playing the “best looking team on the beach.”

Not only did Team Wood look really great in their beach briefs, but they could also play! This year Team Wood was a contender, and next year they’ll be back to win.

Normally a pair of briefs isn’t the first thing you put on when you get down to the beach, but we’ll make an exception for Team Wood. Check out the images from this year’s Manhattan Beach Saikley 6 Man tournament, and watch the men in Wood serve up a great game of volleyball.

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Photo Credit: GoShiggyGo Photography

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