Starstruck By The New teamm8 Astro Underwear

If you were a fan of teamm8’s Astro Collection of swimwear, prepare to be starstruck by the teamm8 Astro Collection of underwear. It includes two briefs and two trunks in navy and white, each made with star-studded designs that cover your parts in a constellation print. But what makes the teamm8 Astro underwear even more stellar? How they look hugging model Kayne Lawton’s ripped body. It brings new meaning to the term “star-studded,” simply because Kayne is such a stud.

Kayne is shot wearing all four pairs from the teamm8 Astro Collection against a concrete wall that gives the collection’s photoshoot an attractive urban edge – at least for the most part. Some shots pan out just enough to show overhanging flowers. They contrast the concrete and bring out the Astro underwear’s softer, lighter sides. Whether it’s an Astro Brief or an Astro Trunk, the photoshoot is all about letting the star design shine through. This is especially true on the rear of each pair of Astro underwear. Whether it’s intentional or ironic, the constellation print makes the largest impact where the sun don’t shine.

Each pair in the teamm8 Astro Collection is covered with the print everywhere except the pouch. That’s where you’re the star. Both the briefs and trunks are designed with a contoured pouch for a more flatting fit and an enhanced profile. But don’t take our word for it. Kayne’s pronounced package is proof enough of the teamm8 Astro Collection’s body-hugging design. And not to mention, the underwear’s sex appeal.

Briefs from the teamm8 Astro Collection have a narrow cut that would seem sporty if it weren’t for the stylish design of the underwear. If any pair from the collection is sporty it’s the white brief, all thanks to a classic pairing of black and white. The navy brief on the other hand is the flashiest of them all. First the brand takes a navy brief and decorates it with white constellations. Then they add a shimmering light green waistband to bring some literal light to the starry design. The white Astro Trunk is treated to the same waistband. And then to bring more diversity to the collection, the navy Astro Trunk sticks to black and navy, the perfect contrast to give its constellation print a bright amount of life.

Star-gaze through the gallery below for a better look at the teamm8 Astro Collection of underwear. And if you find yourself falling for Kayne Lawton, check out his interview from January when he was named teamm8’s first M8 Of The Month for 2015.

Does the teamm8 Astro Collection of underwear have you starry-eyed? Which of the four pairs do you think looks the best? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: teamm8

Model: Kayne Lawton

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