Review: Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxers

Item Reviewed: Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxers

 About the product: Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxers are available in 16 solid, striped and plaid verities, Pengallan’s Slim-Fit Boxer places an emphasis on hand-stitched quality. Both the pouch and the non-elastic waistband on this pair are flat-fronted, with the pouch also featuring a single-button fly. These 100% cotton boxers sit at a regular rise and offer full coverage.

What we like: Probably our favorite thing about this pair of boxers is the fit. So many boxers are bulky and ill-fitting, but the Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer hugs close to your shape. This pair is offered in sizes that correspond to pant size, eliminating the problems that come with only having four or five standardized sizes and making the slim-fitting cut as comfortable and flattering as possible.  The non-elastic waistband keeps this pair from bunching, as do the generous side vents on both legs. Those also keep this pair looking lean while still allowing for a wide range of motion. The look of this pair was simple, elegant and masculine. The prints offered are classic. The fit features we described above keep this pair looking great without bunching and bulking up. Overall, the quality of the construction on the Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer is excellent. The fabric is exceptionally smooth for something that’s 100% cotton and the attention to detail and the thought that went into this pair’s design are both nothing less than superb.

What we don’t like: There really wasn’t anything we didn’t like about this pair. As a boxer, this pair offers essentially no support, but that’s to be expected.

When we’d wear them: Great for everyday wear

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who want to return to boxers, while still wearing high-quality, slim-fitting and sharp-looking underwear

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Slim, masculine, quality


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