Review: Bear Skn Standard Issue Trunk – Red

Item Reviewed: Bear Skn Red Standard Issue Trunk – Red

About the product: The Bear Skn Standard Issue Trunk – Red is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. As the name suggests, the fabric is a bold red color. The trunk is piped in black. The Standard Issue is cut like a low-rise trunk. The black waistband is 1 ¼ inches wide, and a Bear Skn logo can be found on the back of the band. Inside, the trunk is tagless. As mentioned before, the legs are piped in flat, black fabric. The sides of the pouch are also piped in the same style. The pouch is double-lined and has a center contouring seam. A special feature for this underwear is the mesh paneling between the leg seams. It is double-lined with black, mesh fabric. As for the coverage, Bear Skn’s Standard Issue covers everything the usual trunk would.

What we like: This Bear Skn trunk is really, really comfortable. The pouch fits nicely and provides support for the entire day. The trunk’s red color enhances its strong, bold quality. The special panel on the underside functions really well, giving the garment extra ventilation. It also acts to increase the stretch and durability in that area. Overall, the Bear Skn trunk fits and supports nicely.

What we don’t like: The waistband sits surprisingly low on the waist.

When we’d wear them: Warmer days.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who want more ventilation in their trunks. People who like strong underwear.

In three words: Ventilated. Simple. Durable.


For more information on this brand: BearSkn

Photo credit: Bear Skn

Product supplied by Bear Skn