Best of Both Worlds: Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer

pengallan slim-fit boxer

It seems to be that men prefer briefs when it comes to the age-old question, “boxers or briefs?” And when boxers do get a little love, men usually specify that it is a “boxer-brief” that they prefer. It is less common that men prefer a standard boxer, usually for comfort reasons – sometimes they find boxers to be slightly cumbersome or non-supportive in their structure. But then there was the Pengallan Slim-Fix Boxer, giving hope to boxers all around the world. The Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer delivers the best of both worlds by combining an original, masculine, old-school aesthetic, with a modern and contemporary fit and design.

The Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer is elegantly cut to provide unparalleled comfort and range of motion with a slim and flattering silhouette. Unlike a standard, loose fitting boxer, the Pengallan boxer features a flat-front waistband which reduces excess fabric for a slimming look and comfortable fit under your pants. The contoured seat eliminates the “riding-up” effect typical of most boxers, and the generous side vents allow for greater ease of movement. The Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer also features a single-button fly, which completes the traditional aesthetic. You get to wear a sophisticated boxer, without the annoying bagginess.

You can experience the best of both underwear worlds with 3 great options: seer-sucker, plaid or solid. Each design in the Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer collection is classic and stylish with a contemporary edge. Between the slim-cut and slim-fit, these boxers are a must have addition to your underwear collection! Each design is available in a few different color variations to accommodate each man and their personal taste.

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