Get Naked with The Destination and Luxury Collections

Destination And Luxury Collections

They say the clothes make the man – luckily, Naked has you covered from head to toe (ironically enough.) Their Destination and Luxury Collections features t-shirts, lounge pants, and, of course, underwear – making the man who wears them one luxurious and comfortable gentleman! Both collections draw emphasis on form meeting function in perfect synchrony.

The Naked Super Soft Destination Collection is designed to give you ultimate versatility. Their eco-friendly Tencel fabric is constructed from natural eucalyptus fibers that offer sustainable comfort and elite performance. It’s great-looking, super durable, naturally moisture wicking, and incredibly soft to the touch. With an amazingly soft naked waistband and perfectly tailored fit, Destination is guaranteed to hold its shape, not to mention hug your shape, for an optimal fit every time. As if that weren’t enough… the Tencel in the Destination Trunks, Boxer Briefs ($26.00), and Briefs ($24.00) rejects wrinkles, shrinkage, odors, and humidity!

Still need more from your underwear? The Naked Luxury Collection features Luxury Micromodal Boxer Briefs, Trunks ($38.00), and Luxury Micromodal Briefs ($34.00). Constructed from extraordinarily soft and silky micromodal fabric, the Naked Luxury collection will exceed all your expectations: inner fashion luxury like nothing you’ve ever worn before. It has smooth, flat-lock-constructed seams that you simply won’t feel, and a hidden waistband so comfortable you will forget it’s even there – because how you feel underneath it all is what really matters.

The Luxury Micromodal V-neck ($59.00) is also constructed from the same luxurious Micromodal fabric, promoting ultimate comfort. With a slim tailored fit, this t-shirt is perfect to go under anything, and stylish enough to be worn by itself.

The Destination And Luxury Collections are sure to make you feel as if you’re simply swimming in pure luxury!

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