Marco Marco Interview: Collection Four And Photos From Backstage

Marco Marco Interview

Before the Marco Marco Collection Four was revealed, The Underwear Expert was backstage with Colby Melvin, talking Marco Marco style and taking in all the buzzing excitement. Then during the F*KN SIRIUS show, The Underwear Expert got to sit front row, where all that glitter shined the brightest. Now almost a week later, we caught up with Designer Marco Morante to talk inspiration, design, models, and what’s to come from Part 2 of the fashion show.

Read The Underwear Expert’s Marco Marco Interview below, and check out some stunning exclusive shots taken from behind the scenes.

The Underwear Expert: What were some of the highlights of the show for you, either before, during, or after?

Marco Morante: Before, during and after it’s 100% about camaraderie. The chance to create something like this with a group of people so near and dear is a gift and opportunity most people never have. To be able to create positive buzz and awareness around a group of people who are made up of so much love and inclusion, and deal so much with hate and exclusion. Fuck. That’s everything.

The Underwear Expert: Is there a look from Collection Four that you’re particularly fond of? If so, why?

Marco Morante: Usually with every collection the first look or two I design and make don’t make the cut in the end. This show one of my favorite looks has to be Isis King’s who opened for the girls. We worked on her slowly bits at a time per day and at times were unsure if it was going to come together but it did and it ended up being such an incredible piece for the show.

The Underwear Expert: There seemed to be more glittering materials than previous collections. What materials were those, and what design elements from Collection Four separate it from your previous collections?

Marco Morante: There was hints of sequin and metallic canvas in the collection which played a large part in our contrast fabrics throughout the collection.

The Underwear Expert: Black and neon yellow (does the color you used have a more specific name?) dominated the show. Is this going to be a running theme for your SS16 collection?

Marco Morante: Names are irrelevant to me, its more about the look and feel of the fabric that really draws my attention. You will see hints of the “neon yellow” running throughout part 2 of the collection but this go around we will be debuting an entirely new look with several different contrasts in play as well.

The Underwear Expert: Your fashion shows always create a buzz for utilizing drag queens as models. What is important to you when casting your queens?

Marco Morante: I cast my friends and lovers plain and simple. If you are in my show, it’s cause you give me life. Chanel helps along and really makes it all happen casting wise. I like to shine a little light on up and coming cats and queens as well.

The Underwear Expert: What’s the process like for choosing models in the show?  Was there any particular casting choice that you felt particularly important, as far as raising awareness of social issues?

Marco Morante: Everyone lives within some form of duality. It’s important to me to relay that. Everyone knows Rhea Litre is a fierce queen but not everyone knows Josh Miller is a thug. I want to represent my friends and loved ones the way I know them not how they’re seen.

The Underwear Expert: Where do you draw inspiration from when designing your looks?

Marco Morante: I always start with something simple. This time it was these little doodles I did on graph paper in math class when I was suppose to be learning. I knew I liked geometry for a reason. 😉

The Underwear Expert: How does hosting a show in New York differ from in LA? Does the crowd make a difference?

Marco Morante: Doing a show in NY actually came relatively a lot less stressful than I had imagined. I have such an awesome team backing me that any issues that came to surface really were taking care of right away. I thought that the crowd would be a little more reserved than LA, but those fuckers hooted and hollered with the best of them. I love a rowdy crowd. Silence is for the dead.

The Underwear Expert: Tell us about your one-of-a-kind Kim Davis shirt! How did you come up with that?

Marco Morante: Honestly one of my friends posted this picture on Facebook and I had to have it as my closing shirt. In what world is it okay to do what she did.

The Underwear Expert: What can we expect from the part two of the “F*KN SIRIUS” show?

Marco Morante: Expect the unexpected.


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Photo Credit: Nicholas Contrera