JockUp Kickstarter Update

jockup kickstarter update

We’re back to give you your official JockUp Kickstarter Update. With 6 days left, JockUp has raised over $8,000 in efforts to produce and market their first production run. The underwear world is in need of a refreshing company like JockUP, and here’s why we’re so excited about them:

JockUp is a new men’s underwear company focused on producing quality California-made garments that appeal to active men with a clean, masculine and performance enhancing design. Their products are fresh and confident with thoughtful detailing, which sets them apart from baggy ill-fitting underwear. JockUp features a full line of underwear for the modern guy, specifically real, masculine men seeking a fit for an active lifestyle that’ll make them look good. JockUp is a viable option for underwear shoppers on the more conservative side. They stray away from bright colors and unconventional materials – focusing on the fit and durability of their menswear. Lastly, all JockUp garments are proudly designed and manufactured in California with moisture-wicking fabric that is cut and sewn to enhance your athletic performance and promote your active lifestyle.

When you secure your underwear now you will be one of the first to get your JockUp gear, and at a discounted price!

If all of those reasons aren’t enough to help back this project, there are also a ton of rewards available! With every contribution to the JockUp Kickstarter, you’re eligible to receive some pretty swank rewards! From underwear, to a trip to LA to attend a model photo shoot with the JockUp models and Matthew himself.

Are you ready for what the JockUp Kickstarter has to offer? What rewards are you most looking forward to after reviewing the JockUp Kickstarter Update? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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