Freedom Reigns Takes A Trip Down Under

Freedom Reigns Takes

We’ve seen Freedom Reigns connect with their roots by taking sexy, sporty, made-in-America looks to various locations around the U.S.A.  Now things are about to get hotter as Freedom Reigns takes a trip down under! This is Freedom Reigns first destination photoshoot outside of the United States. It was definitely a success!

Photographer Andrew Hammond captures the essence of natural beauty in Goldcoast, Queensland, Australia in this photoshoot with model Josh Doherty. He utilizes a natural ocean and foliage canvas to build beautiful images. The light sand complements Josh’s skin perfectly and contrasts with the swim briefs causing the briefs to pop right out of each swimwear photo. The ocean in the background is provides a light contrast to the dark swim briefs. In the first photo Josh is posing with a pole, this pole balances Josh’s body in the photo. It’s coloring also makes the blue hue of the ocean seem more vibrant. The sand and sporadic blades of grass give the rest of the beach images an added layer of texture that is eye catching.

The bright, vibrant green leaves of the trees outline Josh and pull eyes right in his direction. His skin contrasts with the green to pull him closer to the viewer and push the background further away. These leaves also bring a lot of texture into the photos making them seem more three dimensional rather than flat. Andrew uses the graffiti in the background to make the bright blue sections of the underwear pop up out of the photo and draw in the viewer. Andrew uses a lot of balance throughout these photos. The image with the road cutting across the bottom right corner is balanced out by the green trees.

Freedom Reigns featured both swimwear and underwear styles in this shoot. The G-force Low-Rise Speedo shows off just enough skin for you to grab some wanted attention at the beach while maintaining full coverage. The Cotton+mesh Low-rise brief and the iCandy low rise brief both are sporty in design and provide a lot of support where you need it most.

Do you think of Freedom Reigns takes advantage of the beautiful scenery that Australia has to offer in this photoshoot? Which photo is your favorite in this photoshoot? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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Photo Credit: Andrew Hammond and Freedom Reigns

Model Credit: Josh Doherty

Sponsored by Freedom Reigns