Exclusive: HardCiderNY Serves Up Underwear Shots

This Underwear Expert exclusive HardCiderNY underwear shoot is all about casual briefs, but not just any casual brief – briefs with an easy-breezy style. That’s what we’re picking up on with model Casey Field and the sunlit wilderness he is set against. The day looks warm and slow, meant for deep breaths and potent relaxation. Or in other words, a day best spent in nothing but your favorite underwear.

Briefs from Calvin Klein and Marcuse are featured in this HardCider underwear shoot. Each of them has a solid design that’s only ever contrasted by their waistband, if that. This leaves each pair looking simple and refined. They may be basic, for all intents and purposes, but that’s exactly what makes them so attractive. Even the Marcuse United White Brief is saved from boredom with a classy button-fly. Like with anything else, you want to dress to the occasion. And when your day calls for a leisurely walk through the woods, a reading session in a quiet coffee shop and the like, your casual briefs are the way to go.

A solid brief is the ultimate pair of casual underwear for a few reasons. First and foremost, they’ll leave you feeling confident. The brief silhouette is a masculine shape, built to support your precious cargo and keep it comfortably in-place throughout the day. Another reason casual briefs are always a safe bet? They’re kind of sexy, no matter which was you cut it.

A brief silhouette is all about a flattering fit on the male form. And when it comes to full-coverage underwear designs, they’re the most revealing you can get. Yes, they show more of your legs and thighs. But like we’ve said before, thighs have never been naughty bits. Take the Calvin Klein Bold Micro Hip Brief in Grey for example. It has a hip brief cut, and plenty of fashion with it’s brownish grey body and sleek black waistband.

One of the key things that each featured pair has going for it is the colorway. Casey wears pairs in white and grey colorways – each of which comes off as soft and reserved. Navy would also work as a casual solid brief. So would black, depending on the cut (because black is always a little bit sexier). A solid red brief, on the other hand, won’t ever feel as casual. It can be accented by a waistband to look more athletic. But like a red car, a red brief will also be a little bit assuming.

If you’re in the market for some casual briefs, each pair featured in the photoshoot below is a safe bet. They’re all casual, yet run the gamut from laid-back to off-duty trend-setter.

Which pair from this HardCidryNY underwear photoshoot matches your style of casual underwear? Do you prefer briefs over other underwear styles? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Calvin Klein, Marcuse

Photo Credit: HardCiderNY

Model: Casey Field