Daniel Kairouz Heating Up The Beach In Marcuse Swimwear

Beach In Marcuse Swimwear

Warm weather tends to bring out the best in people: hot bodies on display in tight-fitting clothing, relaxing days at the beach and just overall outdoor fun! If you’re looking for sexy swimsuits that show off a lot of skin and great innovative designs that will have you standing out in a crowd, hit the beach in Marcuse Swimwear!

Australian model, Daniel Kairouz flaunts Marcuse swim briefs on this beautiful beach. His tanned body contrasts well with the blue hues of sky and water, making him stand out against his background. Photographer Russell Fleming captures his muscled contours perfectly, using sunlight to create high and low lights in each photo. The colors of the sand and sky are light, allowing for each swim brief to jump right into the forefront of every photo.

The blades of grass whipping in the wind in the first four photos bring a lot of texture to an otherwise smooth setting. The grass is used in different ways in each photo. In the first photo, the grass cuts across the bottom with light sand; the vibrant green clashes with the light blue sky to bring our attention to the foreground, drawing our eyes to the swim brief. In the second and third photo, Daniel is relaxing in the sandy grass, letting each blade caress his body. The green grass causes the green in the swim brief to pop out more and look more vibrant. The small patch of grass in the fourth photo is used to balance the vibrant blue sky in the other corner of the photo.

Russell uses the sand to make Daniels tanned skin fall into the background so that the dark black and white swim brief will become the main focus. Daniel’s laying diagonally through the photo balances out both sides which is aesthetically pleasing. The two photos that show the ocean in the background are very linear. The sand cuts across the bottom, then the ocean and then the sky; this layering look gives extra depth to the photos and also makes Daniel seem much closer to us than he actually is.

This photoshoot features some of Marcuse’s best swimwear styles for this season. The Beachy Green featured in the first 2 photographs has a green base and yellow lines that curve around your package to draw more attention toward your manhood. The Flash is also green and features a white lightening bold cutting across the front of the swimsuit. The Vamper has a retro vibe with the stripes going around the garment and forming a “V” right over your bulge. Each style featured is available in three different colors, so you will never be without options for the beach! These swim briefs are low cut on the waist and high cut on the legs for minimal coverage. These styles would be perfect for making an impression and gaining some attention!

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Photo Credit: Russell Fleming for Marcuse

Model Credit: Daniel Kairouz

Sponsored by: Marcuse