From Conservative to Cocky with Cocksox Underwear

Conservative to Cocky

The spectrum from conservative to cocky underwear is a long and intricate one. With two such contrasting extremes, there are bound to be various different cuts and styles that fall somewhere in-between. No one covers this wide selection better than Cocksox. With a copious amount of designs and fits, their underwear collection truly caters to each individual male, whether they be conservative and traditional, cocky and daring, or somewhere in-between. No matter where you fall on the scale, or what day you feel like changing your style up, the eclectic Cocksox underwear collection has a broad and diverse range for you to choose from!

Before we start off on the more conservative side, it is important to note that conservative is NOT to be confused with boring. The Cocksox CSX12 Boxer is a perfect example of a traditional boxer that is still fun and innovative. The Boxer features a seamless wraparound back and sides, a contour pouch, a super-soft waistband, and is created with stunning Supplex® fabric that feels totally luxurious. The CSX12 Boxer is also available in 6 different vibrant colors!

Next up, we have the CSX76 Sports Brief. With a higher cut than the boxer, this Sports Brief definitely shows off a little more leg. The Sports Brief also features a retro style and contrast piping colors. The contour pouch is created for ultimate comfort and support. The fit of the Sports Brief is a bit more body-forming than the boxer, accentuating your package just a bit more.

Right in the middle of the spectrum would have to be the CX01 Brief. This Brief is made from awesome Supplex® fabric that holds shape, supports your boys, and wicks moisture away. The Supplex® fabric also aids in defining your package for optimal results. The cut on the leg sits even higher than the Sports Brief, with a thinner wraparound that shows off a little more booty.

As we delve into the more cocky side of the spectrum, we’re met with the CX16 Bikini Brief. These thigh-high briefs keep you covered out front and back, but down the sides, you’re open to the world! The Cocksox pouch keeps your boys secure, with a soft waistband. The Bikini Brief is available in sexy, contrasting color combinations.

Things get a little bit hotter with the CX01SH Sheer Brief. For those who like to tease to please, Cocksox has introduced a brand-new, enticing sheer fabric made from ultra-smooth custom Italian fabric. The light and sensuous silky feel will leave you breathless with temptation. The Sheer Brief is available in Black or Aqua.

And for the cockiest of men out there, Cocksox has supplied us with the CX14ME Mesh Slingshot. The Slingshot is the closest thing to wearing no underwear at all! Available in either Teabag Black Mesh or White Mesh, this G-string-style-meets-mesh fabric is the ultimate risktakers’ fantasy come to life.

Where do you fall on the conservative to cocky spectrum? Do you prefer a more traditional styled Cocksox underwear, or are you a bit of a risktaker? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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