Check Out The Obviously AnatoMAX and AnatoFREE Pouches

AnatoMAX and AnatoFREE

Obviously is known for classic styles and amazing comfort provided in every style. They’ve dedicated time and effort to develop the latest designs which provide additional comfort and support in every pair. The newest addition to their designs, the AnatoMAX pouch, fits in perfectly with their previously released design, AnatoFREE.

If you’re a guy who feels constricted in smaller pouches the AnatoMAX will be a new go-to fit for you. The AnatoMAX pouch is the newest edition to the Obviously family. This pouch is the largest that Obviously has ever produced, it will provide extra space and more comfort for guys who prefer, or need extra room for their manhood to rest in. This pouch resembles the Modal Range anatomical pouch, so if you were a fan of that you will definitely love what the AnatoMAX has to offer you.

For the guy who loves freedom in his underwear experience, the AnatoFREE pouch is the way to go.The Naked pouch has been renamed the AnatoFREE pouch. This pouch will retain the same design, fit, and the incredible comfort you’ve come to expect from the Naked pouch, anatomical freedom in a well fitting pair of underwear. The only thing that’s changing is the name.

Both pouches will provide comfort with every wear.

Are you going crazy over the new AnatoMAX and AnatoFREE pouches? Are you a guy who loves freedom in his underwear or just an extra roomy pouch? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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