Unstoppable Pairs Of Malebasics Performance Underwear

A flattering, possibly sexy pair of underwear can leave you feeling confident. Feeling confident at the gym always gives you a better performance. You don’t need to do the math. Malebasics already did. Malebasics Performance Underwear comes in distinct styles and designs that appeal to an equal wide range of tastes. Then tying them all together: moisture wicking underwear.

The Underwear Expert considers Malebasics’ two current 2015 collections to be “Malebasics Performance Underwear” because both are made from moisture-wicking nylon-based fabrics. The Malebasice Camo Collection is built with utility in mind. Not just with a soft moisture-wicking fabric, but with flat seams to prevent chafing. It also comes in three styles, two of which have longer lengths for more of the fitted coverage.

The Malebasics Neon Collection is more showy and includes three shorter underwear styles with black bases and neon accents. They light up Fuchsia, Blue, And Yellow and even have dark waistbands to match. There’s no other light but the neon. The Neon Jock’s are darkest, and sexiest, with with black pouches and contrasting neon seams.

The actual Malebasics Performance Collection includes any underwear cut you could possibly want, and is therefor, and must for any man’s gym bag. It includes four styles in four colors. The Hip Brief is the only flashy design. It’s narrow and sexy, and always sporty with the bold, white-on-black Malebasics waistband. The others are more discrete stopping as a Short Boxer, 9-Inch Boxer, and Long John. They’re also made from a performance nylon fabric.

Bring it back to the Malebasics Performance Underwear when you hit the gym. A little confidence goes a long way anywhere. Let the underwear be your little secret… if you don’t want to show if off.

How many pairs of Malebasics performance underwear are in your gym bag’s rotation? What’s your favorite cut of underwear when it comes to exercise? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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