There’s A CheapUndies Party In Your Pants, Are We Invited?

CheapUndies Party In Your Pants

For those of us who can’t wear whatever we want to work, underwear is the perfect place to let your personality run rampant. No one ever said your underwear choice has to be boring just because you need to dress conservatively for work! The CheapUndies Party In Your Pants video proves this!

This video shows models wearing boring, drab work clothes. These models are dressed in boring grey clothes, until they appear on a dual screen next to themself and start to stripe down to their underwear. Once they each hit this point, they start dancing around to some fun dance music with a colorful background.

Each model are happy to let loose and shake their thing in the CheapUndies neon trunks and briefs. The neon styles are available in neon yellow, neon pink and neon blue in the trunks but only neon blue in the briefs.

This video shows that anyone could be wearing something boring on the outside and still have some really bright and fun underwear underneath.

Would you invite anyone to your own personal underwear party? The video ends with all of the models dancing around together in their underwear, and who doesn’t love to see that?

What do you think of the CheapUndies Party In Your Pants video? Do you have a personal dance party every time you wear fun underwear? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Check out the CheapUndies Party In Your Pants video below.


Video Credit: CheapUndies

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